Keeps your online business at 100%

Reduce your costs and increase ROI

a vulnerable website will cost your business.

As your partner we provide custom & comprehensive website maintenance plans so your business can deliver a fast, secure, and seamless online experience.

Downtime is costly, and if your site is running at 80% then you are losing visitors, losing conversions, and losing revenue.

You don’t need the expense of an in-house technical team you need pro-active preventative maintenance from the experts.

We keep your site up and running at 100%


Improve Your Security

All software needs regular updates and maintenance.

Your website relies on a stack of technologies and you need someone on your team to make sure it is up to date and secured.

Are you running a WordPress site? Your WordPress core, your Plugins and your server software have a relationship which needs management by professionals if you want to stay up and running

Never see a “site insecure” warning on your website again, SSL certificates need automatic updates. You customers will be pleased to see you using modern security of HTTPS – and as an added bonus your Google search rank will benefit too!

Improve Your Reliability

Downtime costs you and your customers money. An un-maintained website is at risk of a total breakdown.

If the worst happens then reinstatement is costly. Do you have backups in place, and all the required procedures?  

Avoid such emergencies with a simple preventative maintenance arrangement.

Poorly maintained sites are ranked low on Google and all major search engines. A compromised site will be blacklisted.

Don’t compromise your online reputation,  don’t lose credibility with your customers and clients.

Improve Your Speed

All of our  packages are built on “the cloud” meaning it’s a modern fast service.

Our servers are ten times faster than the competition because all your sites are delivered from LiteSpeed servers, rather than the more common Apache.
The hard drives your site will use are SSD drives but also we use a special technology so that your site is stored and delivered from 4 drives at the same time which not only speeds up delivery but provides instant error checking

Railgun ensures that the connection between your website and the Cloudflare protection network is as fast as possible. Railgun compresses web objects which results in an average 200% additional performance increase.


Yearly website maintenance packages

Looking for a website maintenance package for your business? With our customizable, yearly plans it’s easy to keep your company’s site secure, up-to-date, and functional for users. Plus, you eliminate the worry that comes with managing, monitoring, and maintaining your website 24/7.

Contact us to ask about our monthly site maintenance plans and prices

Hourly website maintenance packages

If your company doesn’t need the routine maintenance of a monthly package, we also offer web maintenance services on an hourly basis. These plans include the same deliverables as our monthly package, but you’re charged an hourly rate.

Avoid Disaster

Avoid disastrous costs

A poorly maintained website is at risk of a total breakdown, just like a poorly maintained car. If the worst happens then reinstatement from backups, or from corrupted databases, is costly. Avoid such emergencies with a simple preventative maintenance arrangment.

Avoid Lost Revenue

If the software handling your card payments had an update and you didn’t know about it you could be losing out on orders. We make sure all e-commerce and affiliate software is up to date and protected from vulnerabilities.

Install Vulnerability Protection.

Websites which fall victim to hidden corruption cost money in lost revenue, both in trade, reputation and repair. Preventative maintenance and security saves later costs.

Protect your Brand

If your site is defaced or functions unexpectedly slowly and appears insecure it negatively reflects on your brand.

Rank higher on Search Engines

To score highly in your field is essential, poorly configured and poorly maintained sites are ranked low on all major search engines. A compromised site will be blacklisted. Taking steps to prevent this and ensure you rank highly on all search engines prevents lost trade.

Staff Costs

Staff productivity suffers when your team attempt to cope with errors and issues which arise from poorly maintained web software. Can your team work faster? Can your team repair any issues causing critical revenue failures, or spare the time to negotiate with an emergency repair company?

Staff costs increase when websites and systems are poorly maintained and insecure

Our Skills

We are WordPress Security Specialists
Globally 75 million websites are built using popular platforms such as WordPress, and with popularity comes increased risk. We are experts at mitigating that risk through years of experience. Since 2004 we have developed our WordPress core expertise including the creation of over 100 bespoke plugins to deliver custom website functionality. This history of deep expertise gives us the edge when diagnosing potential problems with your site.
Relevant Technical Skills: WordPress, PHP, SQL, Javascript

We are hosting experts

We can advise and help with hosting your sites with the aim of providing the fastest and most secure results. Cloud hosting, Virtual Private Servers, SSL certification and more.
Relevant Technical Skills: Unix hosting, Cpanel / WHM, Plesk, SSL, FTP, SSH

We work with your team

We won’t burden you with technical talk, we take care of all of that and leave you to run your business. Our skill is in integrating with your staff so that you can work more effectively. Leave it to us.

Next Steps

Have our web professional team to analyse, track and take regular pre-emptive actions to secure your site against ongoing attacks before they become a problem.
Authorise maintenance actions including off-site backups to be made in case of disaster, improve functional speed and security. Take the crucial step to secure your online business.