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Great hosting at great prices

For users demanding the best power and security we have web hosting packages tailored to your needs.

When we host your site you get more than you’d expect

For users demanding the best power and security the old way required a company to employ a technical team ready to deal with the complex techno jargon and mysterious barriers.

Our hosting service leverages our 20 year experience in the web to deliver you exceptional hosting without that necessity.

We make it easy.



Never see a “site insecure” warning on your website again, we give you free SSL certificates with automatic updates. You customers will be pleased to see you using modern security of HTTPS – and as an added bonus your Google search rank will benefit too!

To prevent attacks on your site we have teamed up with industry security experts such as Arbor and Corero to provide comprehensive mitigation of distributed denial of server attacks automatically.

We also provide protection from CloudFlare and Railgun, meaning


All of our  packages are built on “the cloud” meaning it’s a modern fast service.

Our servers are ten times faster than the competition because all your sites are delivered from LiteSpeed servers, rather than the more common Apache.
The hard drives your site will use are SSD drives but also we use a special technology so that your site is stored and delivered from 4 drives at the same time which not only speeds up delivery but provides instant error checking

Railgun ensures that the connection between your website and the Cloudflare protection network is as fast as possible. Railgun compresses web objects which results in an average 200% additional performance increase.


Downtime costs you and your customers money. We know this and have built our cloud to sustain 99.9% uptime.

But in the event of issues we have a nightly automated backup of every website.

We are only a click away with our 24/7 help and support.

Great WordPress hosting

We can run WordPress faster and more securely than the competition. With great speed boosts from our specially configured server which is set up for Managed WordPress Hosting.

WordPress runs 30% of the websites we see every day, and that’s why we make sure to offer hosting which will allow you to run WordPress in the fastest and most reliable way possible.


  • One Click WordPress installation through your control panel
  • Nightly Backups – With point-and-click restore
  • Daily Malware Scanning with automatic removal
  • Hardened operating system specifically for WordPress security
  • LiteSpeed WordPress cache – automatic page caching to greatly improve site performance including separate caching of desktop,  mobile and API calls
  • LiteSpeed servers optimised for WordPress, security speed and stability.
  • WooCommerce and BBPress support
  • WordPress CLI
  • Exclude from cache by URI, Category, Tag, Cookie, User Agent


Alongside your web hosting you need protection

Down let disaster strike, a vulnerable or offline website will cost your business.  As your partner we provide custom & comprehensive website maintenance plans so your business can deliver a fast, secure, and seamless online experience.

Plus we offer turnkey solutions for maximizing your site’s performance, lowering overheads and increasing revenue.

Cost Savings

Just as a poorly maintained car risks catastrophic breakdown & massive repair costs: a poorly maintained website is at risk. Protect with regular maintenance.


Vulnerability Protection

Vulnerable sites cost in trade, reputation and repair. Preventative maintenance and security is worth more than a cure.

Brand Protection

If your site is vulnerable then your brand is too. Always give the best impression to your customers by keeping your site professionally maintained

We protect and ensure your website is up and running, keeping your business online

Domain Names

.com  .net .org

We are 72 Percent more affordable & more powerful


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