Find out about OpalSphere’s expertise

OpalSphere have a long history and we are specialists in both hosting AND websites. This is important

Let’s talk about you. What do you need? You need a good modern responsive and reliable website, and you need a place to put the website so that your clients can see it. You need somebody who understands your needs for branding consistency and your needs for stability and reliability. You don’t want to get stuck in technical issues, or roadblocks.

That’s why OpalSphere was created

Opalsphere’s team unify the need for an end-to-end business solution. We encompass hosting and web development. Opalsphere have the expertise to give you the tools you need without the technological jargon. You can talk about clouds and JSON if you like, but leave it to us to connect your clients to your brand and take away all the pain in between



OpalSphere is the missing link between a creative agency, web developers and a hosting company.


We come from a creative business solutions background. We know what your business needs, we are solution providers in the broadest business sense. We have spent 20 years making businesses work. We know the importance of branding, we are used to assisting marketing teams and we also know servers.

That means we can talk your language, we can get you from A to B and you don’t have to worry about a thing. No jargon, no complex technical problems. We take care of all of that.



Our history

  • 20 years of experience
  • Created award winning websites for the worlds top brands
  • Decades of expertise in dynamically connecting business process to technology
  • Managed web servers and systems for 20 years
  • VPS service management for over 10 years
  • Web Security and Maintenance contractors 10 years
  • UK based company

Our Team

Our team are exceptional because we care about people, about connecting people and about making businesses work for our clients


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